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Did the Canucks really have to select Morgan Clark?

Son of Canucks goaltending consultant Ian Clark, Morgan Clark tended goal for the Red Deer Rebels of the WHL last season posting one shutout, a record of 10-30-3 and a 3.70 GAA. In 38 games played, Clark had a save percentage of .884..
There are 2 things (so far) that really bother me about that. First of all, the kid is 18, 5 feet 11 inches, and weighs about 150 pounds soaking wet (no, not 160..look at the picture). He'd make Dany Sabourin look huge, unless he wore Garth Snow padding. His record last season was pathetic. To cut him some slack, maybe the team around him wasn't very good either. I'm not sure.
Secondly, he is related to someone working in Canucks management. That is something that we management-types call nepotism (thanks, Hodge). Nepotism is what Webster defines as " favoritism (as in appointment to a job) based on kinship." Was Morgan really the best choice at that point in the draft? What if he wasn't and Ian Clark doesn't even have a job by the time the kid goalie is ready to play with the Canucks? Nepotism is a dangerous thing.
Now I'm not sure I can prove that there were better goalies available by the 191st pick, but I can tell you that in November 2007, Clark was ranked 6th out of all WHL goalies. But check out how many goalies were ranked over the whole earth. The mid season ranking in January 2008 had him ranked 30th overall in North American goalies.
I don't think I have to say any more. Either those scouts are full of crap, Clark's stock rose considerably since then (not likely), or we have a waster of a last pick because the kid is related to the Canucks' goalie coach.
Why does this bother me? Because the best drafting teams in the world don't piss around. They make every pick count, not matter what time of the draft it is. The Detroit's and Colorado's master this concept. To me, Clark was a wasted pick. If he proves me wrong, I'll eat my hat. Until then, it was bullshit nepotism.
Should have picked a potential Russian defector from Siberia instead.

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