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And your predraft rumors are…

(Updates at the bottom)

We'll be around all day and during the draft to respond to anything that happens, some of which could be the following:

Rumor #1: The Sedins are on the move?
Choice Quote: "...since assuming a lead role on this team three years ago, they [the Sedins] haven't been good enough to lead the Canucks anywhere that matters...Do you keep them and try to upgrade their supporting cast? Or do you move them and build around a new group of front liners?"
Yank Canuck's Take: With the exception of Edmonton, most teams have figured out how to neutralize both twins cycling game. It would be tough to see them go but if Gillis nets a true power forward or legitimate center (or both) in return, that's not so bad. Do what you gotta do Mike.

Rumor #2: Jokinen could be targeted by Canucks or Beach + Kesler For Jokinen
Yank Canuck's Take: Yaaaaaaawn. This again? Could this team have BOTH a real goalie and a real center at the same time all from pillaging a single team over the course of three years?

Rumor #3: Bieksa is on the block?
Yank Canuck's Take: Who isn't on the block? Bieksa had an off year riddled with injuries after his breakthrough season of 2006-07. Moving him now would be considered 'selling high' if Gillis doesn't trust that he can put up the same breakthrough effort. Do what you gotta do Mike.

Rumor #4: Malone to Vancouver?
Yank Canuck's Take: If this guy could be had before July 1st that's one thing. But entering the silly season and bidding for his rights may not be in the best interest of the team. His grit, however, could be sorely needed a team that has very little of it.

...and from the "swing and a foul tip" category...

True Fact #1: Dave Gagner returning to Canucks.
Yank Canuck's Take: Burke's "Not a throw in" guy from the Pavel Bure trade joins us just as our previous GM joins Burke in Anaheim. And this supports my thesis that if I say Burke enough in one post our team will be smart enough to draft like him. Burke Burke Burke Burke Burke Burke Burke. Oh Gagner? Um, welcome. If you need a pep talk go find Walter...

And as for what the draft looks like tonight:

2008 Vancouver Draft Order
Round 1 - 10th
Round 2 - 41st
Round 3 - No pick*
Round 4 - No pick**
Round 5 - 131st
Round 6 - 161st
Round 7 - 191st

* Round 3: Vancouver to Anaheim (for coach Randy Carlyle)
** Round 4: Vancouver to Los Angeles (a consequence of the filthy Brent Sopel trade last year)

10:15 AM ET Update: Well remove Dan Ellis from any back up slots as he's the number one guy for the Preds and Mason moves to St. Louis. Mason and Legace now backstopping the Blues with Toivonen remaining as a RFA.

1:05 PM ET Update: How does this sound: New Vancouver Back-Up Goalie Dan Cloutier? Sorry, just fucking around with your mind.

4:55 PM ET Update: Naslund to the Pens? No word from Alex Stojanov yet.