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Round 3 Predictions

Yeah...fuck it. I went 1 for 4 in Round 2, so what do I know right? But here are my quick thoughts about Round 3's matchups.

Detroit vs Dallas

To me, Detroit has had an easy ride through 2 rounds. Beating on an 8th seed Nashville who lost Jason Arnott, and then beating on the depleted Avalanche. The Stars provide Detroit with a real challenge. They should bang these Wings around and beat them up a little. Turco or Osgood? Turco in a heartbeat. Offence? Detroit has the advantage, but not by much. Brad Richards needs to step it up more. Defensively, I'd say it's almost a draw.
So I suspect a close series and I am going to go against the odds and pick the Stars to take this in 6.

Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia

The diving pussies against the dirty bullies. I would suspect that Pittsburgh's offensive superiority may frustrate the Flyers in this one. The Flyers are going to play very physical against the Pens and I can't wait to see it. I hope someone breaks Crosby's leg.
I just don't know if the Flyers will stay disciplined. I don't know if I'll be able to count how much the damned Penguins dive. Special teams will be a huge factor is my guess, and the Pens will try draw as many penalties as possible. It'll work. They went to acting school. So I think the Pens take this one in 7.