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Pressure's on, Gillis / Naslund ponders future / Brunnstrom wooing continues / Jagr and Rangers may come back

What a great sig created by TO Maple Laughs at the Forum. The gun is pointed at Mike Gillis' head for sure, but it would have been pointed at Nonis' as well had he kept his job. I can't wait to see what Gillis pulls out of his arss this summer.

From Spector: A Swedish news site called
reports Markus Näslund is considering his options. He says that he wants to play for a contender if he's to continue playing as he would love to win something. He's not ruling out a return to the Canucks, but he is yet to know what kind of plans Mike Gillis has for the future.
This makes me sick for 2 reasons. One, Naslund, in my opinion, has not done enough to earn the right to hold out to get signed by a potential contender. Secondly, it makes me want to vomit that there is still a chance that he might re-sign in Vancouver. DON'T DO IT, GILLIS!
Like Spector says though, if Gillis cannot attract decent RFA's and UFA's this summer (and he WILL be aggressive in that), maybe he would re-sign Naslund. I say let Naslund go either way.

Fabian Brunnstrom, who's name makes him sound like a romance novel cover model, is considering his many options on who to sign with this summer. The list of teams chasing him grows larger and larger, and the chances of him signing in Vancouver are less and less. For more on that, check out Spector's site.

After hearing Jagr's comments pre-Game 4 that he had a 'feeling', and then seeing his performance on the ice in a 3-0 Rangers win, I just can't help but wish this guy could play with this kind of passion all the time. The guy would still be the best player in the NHL. Jagr got decked after scoring the 1-0 goal and suprisingly it didn't rattle him. He didn't sit on the bench and get a groin massage. It actually pissed him off and he elevated his game.
Can Jagrmeister keep this pace up?
Are the Rangers being inspired and motivated because of their key injuries, especially to Sean Avery? I can just see Avery barely being able to talk in his hospital bed, but all he's saying is "win it for me, boys......."
All I know, is that if Jagr keeps this up, and the team gets under the Penguins' skin like in Game 4, then this series may be far from over. Go Rangers!

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