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Nonis talks with the Leafs will continue / Canucks hire Scott Mellanby as GM Consultant

From TSN:
Nonis spent much of Tuesday and part of Wednesday afternoon in discussions with the Toronto Maple Leafs about their management restructuring with further talks over the next few days expected.
Sources tell TSN Nonis hasn't been offered the position of general manager and the belief is Toronto's interest in bringing him on board seems to be directed more towards helping interim GM Cliff Fletcher with the day-to-day business of managing the Maple Leafs, with growing speculation suggesting Fletcher will hold the post through next season.
I keep thinking of these stories as a slap to Nonis' face. Is he not good enough to be a GM on his own? The TSN article also reports that Dallas and St. Louis are interested, yet even those are as co-GM's or other positions.
Would you agree that Nonis is not fit to be a sole GM of a team? I think he is, even though he hasn't won a Cup yet. He's still fairly green, but I think he proved a lot in his tenure in Vancouver, given the Canucks' cap limitations at the time.

Just seen on the TSN scroll that the Canucks have hired former NHL grinder Scott Mellanby as a consultant to GM Mike Gillis.
From the National Post:
"We are pleased that Scott has agreed to join our hockey operations department," Mike Gillis said. "His experiences in our League over two decades as a player will be a great asset to me and our entire department.
Scott displayed strong leadership skills and character throughout his NHL career; these are the same qualities we are looking for as we build our team."
I guess if worst comes to worst, Mellanby could always put the skates on and play on a scoring line! Maybe teach the Sedins how to play with heart.....

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