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Kimmo Timonen could play Sunday

From the Courier Post outta South Jersey comes this:
Timonen was examined Thursday by Ronald Fairman, chief vascular surgeon at Pennsylvania Hospital, and an untrasound showed that his blood clot had remained unchanged.
"Based on that, the doctor said I have a green light to give it a try," Timonen said. "That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to skate (today) and see how it feels. The doctor feels that there is no chance the clot is going to get loose or break up or anything like that. It's a great sign. A week ago they were afraid it was going to get bigger and cut loose. I've been on blood thinners now for eight days and we'll see how it goes."
That would be a major boost to the Flyers team and an easement to a few of the Flyers' d-men who have logged more icetime in Timonen's absence. If the Flyers can win Game 5 in Pittsburgh........... I'm not banking on it.
Timonen is skating today to see how numb his toes feel afterwards. He will know his status for Sunday's Game 5 today.

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