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Handicapping A Soulless Playoffs, Round Three

So I got half my predictions in the second round right, but if you consider my list of fears (Turco & Umberger especially) then technically I was 100%. So with four teams left, you're probably like me in that you hate the majority of them, so let's have some fun...

Pittsburgh V Philadelphia
What will happen: These two teams will kick the living hell out of each other; I don't even know what Ruutu will do to top his abuse of Jagr but I'm excited anyway. The series goes seven, but too many penalties allow the baby Pens to abuse Biron and jump into the conference finals.
What I fear will happen: Umberger pwns Fleury, the Flyers unleash their goons to run amok and I am subjected to a few more weeks of Flyer fans smiling. Puke.
You should probably pay attention to...: Briere, Umberger, Malkin, Crosby

Dallas V Detroit
What will happen: The Stars done gone and eliminated my team. In fact, the Stars are poised to have a nice story: knocking off the defending champs, knocking off a team most picked to win the Cup back in October and can now take down the Presidents' Trophy winners. I am late to this bandwagon, but let's jump on it. Stars in six.
What I fear will happen: I fear more positive Turco coverage. I fear more positive Wings coverage. I fear I am fucked no matter what. So again I will openly admit my true fear that the ice will not crack open and take both teams to the center of the planet.
You should probably pay attention to...: Franzen, Datsyuk, Morrow, Ribeiro