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Canucks fire assistant coaches Barry Smith and Mike Kelly

According to TSN, apparently coach Alain Vigneault delivered the news today. Nothing like firing your own buddies, huh? That would mean that Vigneault is not going anywhere I suppose. The same can be said for the 3rd assistant coach Rick Bowness.
Mike Kelly was assistant coach Vigneault in Manitoba, and had even coached the under 18 Canadian team to a gold medal in 2003.
Barry Smith was assistant coach with the Nucks for 3 years and coached the Canucks' affiliate teams for several years. The thing I'll miss the most about

Smith were his between period interviews. I always thought he was insightful.
Is this overhaul completely necessary? Damn, this team is heading in a different direction. It almost seems like a bit much, but I don't know what is all going on behind the scenes.

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