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Bourdon aftermath / Canucks Place Donation

I am still in somewhat of a shock over Luc's death today. A lot of questions go through my mind. How and why did he lose control of his motorbike? Was he driving erratically? Did some jackass cut him off? A witness told the Vancouver Sun today that Bourdon had a head on collision with a transport truck and ended up underneath it dying instantly. The witness also said that based on observations it was Bourdon who crossed the center line. That is not officially confirmed at this point by RCMP. So don't read too much into that.
I think I am more angered than anything else, for several reasons. For one, he was only 21 years old. Secondly, he was improving quickly and probably ready to make the jump to the Canucks team. Thirdly, the team is going to miss out on what he would bring to the blueline, which would have been a lot. A matured Bourdon could run a powerplay, play strong in the defensive zone, and knock someone flat on their ass. He was fearless.
I just have to get over it. It's just such a fucking waste is all.
I like what Rypienitup posted at the forum today:
Be thankful for your life, and for the lives of those around you. I'll be making a donation of $28 to Canuck Place in Luc Bourdon's memory, and if you can afford to, please do the same. We're a fanbase that is as divided as any, but hopefully we can come together in this difficult time to make a positive difference on a day that started so tragically
Now that is a great idea and a positive solution for this tragic day. I am going to donate $50. I challenge all of you as well to do the same and maybe more. Donations to Canucks Place can be made here.
For a more in depth look at the character of Luc Bourdon, check out Alanah's post at Canucks and Beyond. There is a terrific story there.

Remember when Bourdon stole the show during a dance competition at the Canucks Dice and Ice Evening? OK, check it out. Great moves by Luc. Maybe it will make you feel better.

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