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Arrogant Ron Wilson confident in his job security

I thought this quip by Sharks coach Ron Wilson was almost laughable in its arrogance. When asked about his job security, Wilson said:
"That's all irrelevant. You look at my record, it's second to none, literally, in the sport, so I'm not even worried about that," said Wilson, whose Sharks lead the NHL in total victories over the last four seasons.
I don't think there has to be too many things changed about our team," he added. "We're ready to roll next year, too. We've accomplished more since I've been here than any other team in the league except win the Stanley Cup. That's the next thing we check off on our list. . I know a lot of teams - well, 25 other teams - probably wish they were in our shoes."
(From TSN)
I've never heard a coach who missed the semi-finals talk so cocky. Sure, the Sharks have one of the best records in the past several years, but they still failed to make it to the Cup Finals. How many times were they good enough on paper to get there? Way too many.
Sure, the Sharks-Stars series was close in each games' outcomes, and they came so close to forcing a Game 7, but that is not the point. They failed yet again to advance to where they were expected to advance. And when that happens, a GM or coach gets the axe, because something has to change.
I would be very suprised if Wilson is not walking down the unemployment line within the next couple of months.

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