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Dave Nonis Fired!

With all apologies to Zanstorm for pushing his post down the page (though who really wants to see that photoshopped diver...), there is breaking news out of Vancouver today.

Dave Nonis has been fired and is no longer GM of the Vancouver Canucks.

Wow. This is not what I saw coming at all. My gut reaction is "terrible move!" because the Canucks will be shedding a boatload of salary and will be in good shape to sign some free agents. I'd like to see what Nonis would have done. The guy pulled off arguably the best deal in Canucks history by nabbing Luongo from Florida. It's a shame he had to be given the boot.


He's had three years at the helm and the one recurring theme has been a lack of scoring. That's three years to address this issue, with nothing to show for it but guys like Rucinsky, Bulis, Smolinski, and Carney who aren't even here anymore.

Soooooo... Pat Quinn? Brian Burke? Or does Aquilini do like the Capitals Islanders owner and hire a back-up goalie as GM? Paging Frank Caprice!

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