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Unique Playoff Pool

A different sort of playoff pool over at GenX at 40.

Pick five scorers, one goon, one goalie, eight teams and a dark horse.

* A point for a goal by a scorer.
* A point for an assist by a scorer.
* A point for a penalty minute by a goon. If your goon is kicked out of the playoffs and thereby the pool, you double the penalty minutes he has achieved to that point. The logic here is that the goon is a nut-bar. The later that he freaks and gets tossed for the balance of the playoffs, the more nut-bar like he is, the more he is the essential goon.
* A point for each thousandth save percentage over .900 by your goalie
* 5 points for picking each of the teams in the second, third and fourth rounds.
* 25 bonus points for picking the dark horse - the team with the lowest regular season points to go the farthest in the playoffs. The dark horse must be seeded in the lower half of their conference.

How can you resist?

And to think, it's all my fault he even decided to have one this year.