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Nonis says thank you and good bye

Dave Nonis held a press conference today for the first time since his firing. Rather than blast Aquilini for the jackass that he is, Nonis said a bunch of thank you's to all of the people he worked with and who supported him. No suprise here, but he also said:
"We are pretty well positioned. I keep saying ‘we’ -- this team -- is pretty well positioned in my opinion to take a serious step forward and I believe that if they hire the right person there’s no reason to think that that can’t happen," Nonis said. "And I hope that it does because I’ll be able to look back and say those are the pieces I put there."
Poor guy still thinks he runs the team. He's not used to NOT being a Canucks GM. But he's right with what he said. The team is in good position and Aquilini had BETTER hire the proper replacement.
Nonis also mentioned that he wouldn't have done anything differently.
''I think I worked pretty hard to do the right things for this organization. Would I do things differently? No.
Everyone has changes they would make over time, there are tweaks you would make. In terms of what we are trying to do here, would I changes things? No I wouldn't. We wanted to have a team here that would win four playoff rounds, not one. If you look at what we are trying to accomplish, I think we were pretty far down the road.''

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