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Mike Gillis interview / Rumor: Naslund won't play here...unless Vigneault is fired???

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Check out the Mike Gillis interview here.

Gillis sounds very serious and stern. If someone isn't carrying out their responsibilities, they're done in Vancouver.
Gillis mentioned that the current Canucks staff will remain in place, and that further evaluations will be made after the draft and free agent frenzy of the summer.

Speaking of staff... the Globe and Mail published a rumor from a source today about Markus Naslund, who apparently stated that he "won't consider re-signing with the Canucks if Alain Vigneault remains as head coach." You know, I think that there could be truth to that, but mostly it sounds like a rumor that would stem from Gillis being Naslund's former agent and maybe Naslund having some sway with the guy. Don't bank on it. Like I said before, Gillis is now in management. He's no longer that player agent cull. His whole mentality will now change. Now HE has to deal with the grease bags, rather than be one.
Ah yes. Times are crazy here. To Gillis' credit though, if he backs his words, he will be a tough GM to work under. Maybe the Canucks organization needs a little house cleaning. maybe it has become stagnant recently. I don't know. But if it has, then you want a Hitler-type to shake things up and lay the hammer down.
My guess is that someone is the scouting staff gets it first.
Regardless of this story, I sure as bloody hell hope Naslund is GONE this summer. Good bye and good riddance.
Alain Vigneault should NOT be fired. That is ludicrous. Gillis gave the Canucks coach a bit of a reason to be confident in his position.
"Coaches handle the assets they have been given," he said. . "The assets here were lean at times."

Check TSN for more on the Gillis press conference.

On another side note, I don't think the Oilers and Nucks will be making any deals with eachother anytime soon. Remember the Nylander-to-Edmonton fiasco last summer? Gillis was Nylander's agent. Today Kevin Lowe said that he thinks Gillis acted "unprofessionally" and "unethically, in the Nylander situation," adding he likely won't be able to deal with the Canucks new manager because of his lack of trust.
"A lot of deals are done based on honesty and trust. He (Gillis) is going to be in tough earning trust. To orchestrate a trade, you have to have that trust going in."
Hey Lowe, Gillis did you a favor! Nylander is an injury-prone bum! Where's your gratitude?

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