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How my (and other) pre season predictions panned out

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With the NHL regular season over, I figured I'd post the predictions for the 2007-08 season by The Hockey News, McKeen's and myself and compare who was closer. (Click spreadsheet to enlarge)

Mostly, I have to apologize to Caps owner Ted Leonosis, because I picked his team to falter, yet they made the playoffs. I also hacked him for his UFA signings last summer (Kozlov, Poti, Nylander). I more or less stand by that hacking, however his acquisitions of Cooke, Fedorov and especially Huet really paid off down the stretch. Way to go McPhee and Leonosis!

So who's a better predictor, the pro's or me? Let's crunch a few numbers shall we?

Predictions that were:
Bang on:
McKeen's: 4
The Hockey News: 3
Zanstorm: 3

Off by 1:
Zanstorm: 9
The Hockey News: 8
McKeen's: 8

Off by 2 or less:
The Hockey News: 13
McKeen's: 12
Zanstorm: 12

Off by 3 or less:
The Hockey News: 17
Zanstorm: 16
McKeen's: 14

Off by 5 or more:
Zanstorm: 11
The Hockey News: 10
McKeen's: 9

So yeah, I'm the Champ! haha. Next up will be playoff predictions!

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