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Hell of a guy, hell of a career

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Trevor Linden

Linden regular season

Linden post season

Some may hate Vancouver, some definitely hate the Canucks. But you're wasting your time if you ever tried to hate Trevor Linden, one of those rare athletes whose dedication to a city and a team over the span of his career is unquestionable.

If tonight is his last game, then as JJ and Miss 604 say, try and forget how the season ended and give the man his due. Captain Canuck and Mr. Game Seven is truly the only guy who lived up to that "we are all Canucks" slogan.

(And sensing how our management is on shaky grounds these days, may I suggest putting him in as an assistant or something immediately would be a good start?)

Regardless, here's to you Trev. And Naslund. And Morrison.

#16 to the rafters awaits.

12:38 ET Update: I'm sorry this team can't even send you off respectably Trevor. Classy move by the Flames for sticking around at the end, so at least one team was there for ya.