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Canes lose to Panthers and Ovechkin and co. now have a playoff chance

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Unreal. The Canes could not clinch the Southeast Division tonight and now the Capitals can finish tops in that division and 3rd in the East. Amazing how lousy that division is. The Canes can drop all the way out of a playoff spot down to 9th on Saturday if the Caps beat the Panthers on Saturday.
Why oh why don't I have NHL Center Ice again? I want to watch that game!
The Panthers are not to be taken lightly though. They are 6-3-1 in their last 10 games. However, the Caps are 9-1-0 in that span.
Geez, the second year in a row that the east has a playoff spot up for grabs right at the end of the season.
Also amazing is how both the Canes and Senators have not played well since their big pre-trade deadline deal, swapping Stillman and Commodore for Eaves and Corvo.
Go Caps! I want to see Alex the Gr8 in the playoffs.

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