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Bruins-Habs goal-a-thon

Alright, who watched the Bruins-Habs game tonight? When was the last time you seen something like that? 5 goals scored in the last 10 minutes of the 3rd period. Back and forth. Back and forth. I know the Bruins' team D sucks, but what has happened to the composed Habs D? Gonzo. And it made for one of the most thrilling finishes that I've seen in quite a while.
Are the Habs going to be able to stop this crazy Bruins squad at home in game 7? My guess? I HAVE NO DAMNED CLUE! Kovalev didn't look interested or sharp tonight. This is not the time for him to dry up. Yet the Habs just need to settle down and play their style in front of their fans in game 7 and I think they'll be fine.
What the hell is wrong with Glenn Murray? Useless tit. Phil Kessel and Marco Sturm on the other hand... wow.

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