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A worthy investment

michael scottWhile it's a stretch, we can still suggest that the gift that keeps on giving (our beloved Vancouver Canucks franchise) just keeps on giving. Not content with an embarrassing season, a retiring icon, a fired GM and a team teetering on disarray, how about a failed first rounder running nude through the streets of suburban Pennsylvania?

Nathan Smith, who you have no real need to remember other then that Brian Burke drafted him 23rd overall in 2000 - ahead of such chumps like Justin Williams, Niklas Kronwall, Nick Schultz, Jarret Stoll and Ilya Bryzgalov - had a few too many and decided to streak the quiet burb of Scranton, allegedly screaming something about Dunder Mifflin Paper and Pam having a nice rack.

What's the lesson? That, seriously, drafting is important people. We could have had Kronwall and instead we get a drunk who wanted to show grandmothers his junk.