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You’ll be a princess in a world full of dragons (2008)

Just as with last year, it's about time for a break away from my urban jungle to go hang out in the Beehive state. An aside: if you are a snowboarding or skiing type person (I'll forgive the latter) I highly recommend your carve out some time in the year to hit Snowbird. Amazing mountain.

In trying to compare this time last year and now, it wasn't that much of a different world. Last year this time the Canucks were bit more lucky, a lot more healthy, battling for first in the division and were riding an incredible post Christmas win streak. This year, they've opened their own infirmary in GM Place, don't have the win streak, stood still at the deadline but are still arguably battling for first in the division as much as they are eighth in the conference. As of this morning, the NW gridlock is in full swing.

So it's only logical that the three games I will miss this week are hugely important. Tomorrow the Canucks will attempt to score and defeat the Coyotes, Thursday they'll knock skulls with the kids in Edmonton and will play the following night against the Wild. My ability to even come close to predictions this year has been awful, so I won't bother. Rather, I'm going to STRENUOUSLY hope that I will be back seeing a four game winning streak and 88 points.

In the meantime...OH CLARK.