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When life hands you a lemon…

...(*angry voice*) "MAKE LEMONADE!"

This season is simply out of control. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left right (B, A, select get a gold star if you know what that is)...this team's fortunes are all over the map.

So you know the final injury foot has dropped on this defense as the #1 guy is out for the season. If you're a Manitoba Moose defenseman, you have had to be a happy guy all season long.

Then you have this award winning article, shedding light on, well, what we fans are already miserably & painfully aware of. But how other teams escape his pithy analysis of "hey the Ducks won and you're 20 years older then them" I'm not sure of, but right off the top of my head he could have chucked in the Sabres, Senators, Panthers, Capitals, Kings and Sharks in that list of teams who haven't won the Cup since the Mighty Ducks rolled into town. Hell, the Blues have been around three years longer then the Canucks and have yet to make it to a conference or Stanley Cup final, so go write about how they are nothing but cockteases too. Or just wake me when your Leafs become relevant again.

Back to the this point, I don't know what to feel for this team. Part of me wants them to rally against all of their injuries and sneak into the first round to be one of those teams the top seeds don't want to face in the opening round. Then I think about last night's joke and think "fuck it, let Nonis spend the summer suffering the full blown brunt of the hangover from 2006-07 and maybe he'll learn that amazingly obvious holes in your lineup are not fixed with Bulis, Isbister and Pettinger-sized band-aids".

Though still in the playoffs, they sure won't stay there long if they don't keep winning. Looking at the next three weeks this team is going to play Phoenix (x2), Dallas (x1), Minnesota (x2), Edmonton (x2), Colorado (x2) and Calgary (x3). I have very little faith they'll take two of three from Calgary, can almost certainly guarentee that Dallas will win and Colorado will take at least one, meaning the Canucks have to tag the Dogs, Wild and Oil for "safe" wins.

Yeah, make lemonade.