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Mr. Positive returns

I guess the Canucks have let their fans down too many times over the years, because I have talked to a lot of Canucks fans around the Lower Mainland and not one single person is giving the Canucks a chance to make the playoffs. I swear, everyone has thrown their white towels in, rather than wave them in the air for support. It's not over yet. Are you just bracing yourselves for potential pain? Or is your support in your team that fickle? Right, you are just getting used to having your hearts ripped out come playoff time.
Well this slut of a season is not over yet. I stand by my statement that the Canucks are better at home and the Preds are half-assed on the road this season. Now my concern is with those damned Oilers. They have a rematch with Calgary on Tuesday and then they play us in our final game of the season. Yes, it may just come down to the final night. Can you believe it?
I'm going to go out on a limb and say we beat the Flames tonight and that we win at least 3 of our final 4 games.
Remember, the Canucks have not lost more than 4 games in a row all season.

I shall be at the game tonight, and it will be great to see all the aspects of the Canucks' game first-hand.
The Flames have won the last 2 games against the Canucks. I couldn't care. Miikka (because one "i" and "k" weren't good enough in his first name) Kiprusoff has stopped 56 of the 59 shots he's faced in his last two starts versus the Canucks. Don't give a rat's ass. This is it, Nucks. Nobody is believing in you right now. They think you are doomed. You fucking hear me???? DOOMED! Now go out there and prove the legions of naysayers wrong!
I'll put up a post after I return from the game tomorrow.

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