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Making plans

Four straight losses, officially out of the playoffs, a much harder final game schedule then the now-eighth place Predators and a team that lacks the character to score or play sound defensive hockey, the real question to ask yourself now is:

Who are you going to watch in the post season?

In the East, I'm pulling for the Habs. And the Penguins, though it angers me to know Bettman is massaging his crotch with $100 bills at the idea of Sid going far in the playoffs. The Devils of course but I suspect they'll get trounced out of the first round. If the Caps can make it in, how can you not root for the Ovechkin machine?

In the West, hell, it's all San Jose. Anaheim has gotten better but not nearly as dominant as last year (then again, they could probably become the same beast once the first round begins). Detroit will get bounced out before the conference finals. Dallas won't escape the first round again. A Calgary/San Jose WCF could be some damn fun hockey to watch.

In the end, a Pens/Sharks final would be killer though San Jose would win that. Seeing the Habs bring the Cup back to Canada would be just as nice. Habs/Sharks perhaps? Seeing Detroit, Calgary, Dallas, Anaheim or the Rangers skate with the Cup in June would be just awful.

As for Vancouver? You'll have to find another blog for something uplifting cause it's not welcome here. For the second time in three seasons they will miss the playoffs because they were too soft, too inconsistent and lack the talent necessary to win in this league. In that vein, 2005-06 and 2007-08 are tough pills to swallow for similar reasons. Now it's a shame both Naslund and Morrison's time here have to end in this way, but like Bertuzzi, they'll get to give the jersey off their back and walk out of GM Place one last time.

The longest walk they'll ever have at home.