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Like an idiot…(RAGEBLOG)

...I will watch the Wild/Canucks tonight. In the deep recesses of my mind, I have funny ideas of how this game can end, none of them good for Vancouver. Yup, that's how I roll.

- Preds are winning. By two. And the Wild/Canucks game is breathtakingly boring so far. Oh what a night!

- The Wild unleash the missing link and the Xcel Center roars at him missing a check. I guess it's just exciting for them to see him out there thrashing around. Their between-period entertainment should just be Boogaard and Simon chasing a deer barefoot around on the ice. I'd sit though whatever ads they have for a sight of that.

- Cowan, with his best play of the year, forces Sean Hill to yank him down for the penalty. I forgot they had Sean Hill too. The Wild are quite a group of thugs and law breakers. In short, a hell of a hockey team. At least no one's releasing rap albums or their own shitty clothing lines (are they?).

- So the Wild had better short handed opportunities there then the Canucks had on the man advantage. And now Gaborik draws a penalty. No doubt he will score in the next 60 seconds and somehow it'll be Bieksa's fault.

- Shocker, Bouchard scores. The Wild are either awesome on the power play or the Canucks look like even more shit. Their passing was sick. I'm sorry Luongo's daughter had to watch that.

- Anyone seen our captain? Whatever, Canucks go back to the power play. Rest up Koivu, you'll have a short handed attempt soon.

- I'd prefer if the Canucks have no more power plays this year. Edler pops the puck out of play, so Gaborik gets another shot at his PP goal for the evening. Fucking painful.

- This is an official "rageblog" now. I think Koivu scored. It doesn't matter. Point is everyone in that arena knew it was going to happen, it just took some time. 2-0 and this game is over now. The NHL needs a mercy rule.

- I don't know how many shitty periods of this type of hockey I've seen from Vancouver this year. This just feels like the shittiest. In a game they need to win, they come out with no energy, take at least one poor call (Edler) and are fooling no one if they think they are going to get out of a two goal hole.

- Good, one period done. Two more miserable ones to go and this team will officially be out of the playoffs. I feel bad for anyone hanging on to a thread of hope that this team is going to be playing in two weeks. Hell, at this point they'd fuck up the golf games they're about to play.

- I thought ignoring the second would have shown a better score. Clearly that didn't work. So there's no reason left to watch this game as a Vancouver fan. They're out and didn't show up at one of the most crucial times of the year. Warms your heart don't it? On the plus side, it's the weekend and still early on a Friday. I'm finding my way to a pub, I trust you all will do the same...and raise what's left in your glass to Luongo's kid, the only bright spot of the past 24 hours. Cheers to you little lady.