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Game Day Post: Temujin Style

Game day post? You want a stinking game day post?

I just got home from work, ordered a pizza from Panago, and turned on my television to see Minnesota leading the Canucks 2-0 after the first period.

What is wrong with these bloody Canuck players?


There's your friggin' game day post. More thoughts to follow.

Instant Update 6:30pm: Apex Calgary my ass, ya jerk!

Yeah, it's four to zip for Minnesota! Woo Hoo! It's all about the Habs anyways. They're my second favourite team. Les Habitants!

Update 6:54pm: Shouldn't the state of Minnesota just accept Canadian rule? I mean, they are practically in Canada anyways.

Would someone just break Brian Rolston's face? Cowan? Burrows? Sanford? Anybody?