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Earth Hour Shenanigans

Update 8:45pm Hahaha, love it! Fight the power (errr... turn on the power?)

Good News! David Suzuki says we can watch the hockey game tonight at 8pm. No need to turn off those televisions, enviro-loons*! But be sure to watch in the dark, to do your part to fight climate change**

Mercifully the Canucks do not play tonight. It's tough to blog about the team when the team looks like a steaming pile of camel dung. Internet problems notwithstanding, why even bother***? You're better off without, JJ. Less headaches.

For "Earth Hour", I'm inclined to turn off all the power in my place, light a candle, and conduct a spiritual meditation seeking answers for the Orca. The more profitable endeavor - both spiritually and realistically - is to crack a beer, invite some friends over, play some poker, and have a grand old time.

The Canucks will be the Canucks. I've read this novel before. I know how it ends.

Our best case scenario is a first round date with Detroit. That's not a bad scenario at all, and in my opinion is a lot better than facing Anaheim, San Jose, or Dallas. I cannot even stomach the notion of facing Colorado, Minnesota, or Calgary either.

Worst case scenario is a complete tanking of the season and finishing lower than Edmonton in the standings. If that happens, I will officially jump on the "new arena for downtown Edmonton" bandwagon. Just to spite their vile knuckle-dragging fans and see them stuck with a $300 million municipal tax bill.

Hooray for 8th place!

*Sorry to get all political on a sports blog. It seems appropriate, and a happier topic than analyzing the Canucks.

**Or is it Energy Consumption? Carbon Emissions? Just what is it we are supposed to be "making a statement" about?

***Though I agree with JJ's assessment that Naslund needs to see some more ice time. Let the Captain lead the team. Else don't make him the Captain.