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The Crazy Canucks Podcast Episode #62

I was invited by John Bollwitt to make a guest appearance on The Crazy Canucks Podcast Episode #62 and I jumped at the opportunity. This is the 2nd time I've guested on it. (Thanks for being in Texas, Dave!)
On the panel were:
-John Bollwitt who runs the Crazy Canucks podcast and authors another site called Audihertz.
-John's wife Rebecca who is making a mark with her Vancouver-Life site Miss 604.
-JJ Guerrero, who authors one of the first Canucks blogs I ever read: Canucks Hockey Blog.
-And of course, the infamous Alanah from Canucks and Beyond.

We talked about the Pronger-stomping incident, Canucks bandwagon jumpers, and shared our positive predictions for the rest of the Canucks season. JJ went on record, saying that the Canucks will win the Northwest Division if they are within 2 points of top spot of the division in before the last week of the season. John is calling a Northwest Division win period. If they keep playing like they just did against Dallas, JJ and John just might be right.
I was a little touchy on the Pronger issue. But in hindsight, I think he deserved the suspension and should have been suspended for more than 8 games. He should have recieved 30. It just seems that the NHL is unwilling to suspend a key player for the Ducks this close to the playoffs. Had his last name been Simon......
I made the panel laugh with my "I love hockey violence" comment, but it's true, I do.
I don't condone players stomping on eachother or beating eachother over the head with sticks. But I do love big hits that hurt people and I love bloody fist fights. I'm old school. I know Pronger can be a dirty player at times and be vicious, but think of it this way: 2 players that are immortalized in hockey history were vicious players. And that would be Gordie Howe and Mark Messier.
It was great conversation with the Crazy Canucks crew, and I thought it really touched on the current schitzophrenic emotions of Canuck fans and what we are going through.
So check it out. And thanks again guys for having me on the show.
-JJ, how was the chicken?
-The panel didn't know this, but I was drinking beer during the podcast. I was trying not to bump the bottle against my microphone, so I was drinking through the side of my mouth. I gotta get one of those beer hats for the show next time! Good times!

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