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Captain Invisible

Just saw this sig on the forums under member TOMapleLaughs...haha! Nice work!
There's a lot of rumblings on the CC forums that Naslund's agent had mentioned that Naslund wants out of Vancouver after this season, and that he wants to sign in the East. This was heard on Team 1040, apparently. I don't really believe this at all. What's going to happen is that Nonis is going to ask Naslund to sign for considerably less than $6 million per year and Naslund's agent will say no. Then Naslund will be set free to free agency and some sucker team will pay him the money.
That, or he returns to Sweden.
Until then, we wish him luck on his current adventure trying to find the net.

Allow me to clarify something. You can see in my Canucks-Kings game post that there is an air of negativity in my thoughts, despite winning. I feel that it is justified. Sure, we fired 48 shots at Dan Cloutier, and it looked like a great effort. But that is not good enough for me.
Sure, Cloutier was good out there, but I didn't like the quality of shots. How many of those shots were along the ice? Do you know how much a butterfly goalie loves those kinds of shots? Piece of cake. Not enough shots were going top corner, and frustratingly enough, the Kings' only goal went where?? Top fricking shelf, where Hulk Hogan keeps his steroids. I didn't see the Canucks doing that enough. Canuck players are not showing the proper skill to bury their chances. So the 48 shots just amplifies that problem.
Oh yeah, I love that Kesler and Burrows are clicking beautifully. But that just amplifies how ineffective the Sedins-Naslund are lately. And what really irks me is that the Sedins continue to get their 20 minutes of icetime per game, while Frick and Frack are not seeing much increase in icetime compared to earlier in the year.
So there you have it. A near blown game to the lowly Kings last night leaves me unsatisfied. I still think this team, or most of it, has more to offer.

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