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Canucks-Blues Preview: Injury news keeps getting better

Worst-case scenario's turned into good ones today as the Canucks' injury situation is looking pretty positive.
-Mattias Ohlund's knee won't get any worse if he continues playing, even if there are bone chips in it.
"The only thing that can happen is that I'm too sore to play but there's no danger - I'm not going to hurt myself any more," said Ohlund following the skate. "I'm optimistic, I'm feeling pretty good out there and I'm hoping to play".
Sounds good to me.
-Kevin Bieksa's wrist is fine and he will play tonight. Hopefully his game continues to excel.
-Ryan Kesler should play tonight after taking a shot off the ankle last game.
"It's pretty sore still, I took a shot right off the skin but nothing I can't play through," said Kesler.

-Aaron Miller did not practice today, but is expected to return to the lineup in 7-10 days. That's pretty positive indeed.
-Brendan Morrison is close to playing but his exact return date is not known.
-Sick Sami Salo will still play even though he has the flu.

The Canucks look to get another great start tonight as they did against the Preds. We just need Luongo to be a little more consistent, as he was shakey in the first period last game. The Blues have only won 1 in their last 5 and are struggling. Vancouver needs to get the lead and play their game the Vigneault way. I am not counting on a 6 goal outburst by the Canucks tonight or even any time soon, so they have to stay defensively tight. I'm not saying I wouldn't mind a 6-goal outburst! It would be great to see the Sedins hit the scoresheet and the Shannon-Raymond-Pettinger line continue their success.
A loss tonight is not acceptable. We are better than the Blues. We are 2 points out of a playoff spot and this game tonight is one of the 2 games we have in hand over 8th place Nashville.

I say the Canucks take this one 4-2.


The Canucks, by my calculation, have endured 12 shootouts this seasson. They lost 7 of those shootouts. Isn't it amazing how valuable that extra point is??? That's 7 missed points!! That can be a huge difference in making the playoffs or not. Shooting for a win in regulation is and should be the Canucks' main focus.

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