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Canucks-Avs Preview = Hangman Extreme

I just can't bring myself to doing a pregame post for the Avalanche and Canucks tonight. I don't quite trust that the Canucks will win tonight, even though they HAVE TO. But the Avs probably won't have Forsberg back yet (oh wait, yes they will), and Ryan Smyth's head is currently a bowl of jello, thanks to our good friend Jack Johnston, and Marek Svatos' legs are facing 2 different directions. So maybe we have a chance.
Anyway, these are somewhat dire times for Canucks fans. If you are feeling gloomy, maybe the game below will cheer you up a little. If you are a sensitive type, then this game is not for you. You best be moving on. For the morbid types out there who like a challenge, this game is for you.

(Oh by the way, Canucks win 4-3 tonight. That's my positive guess)


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