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Vancouver interested in Mats Sundin

Or so the rumor goes. This from TSN's archives:
According to the Columbus Dispatch, if Toronto's Mats Sundin lifts his no-trade clause, he's likely headed to Vancouver, with Ryan Kesler, Luc Bourdon, Cory Schneider and a No. 1 pick going to Toronto.
- The Vancouver Province, however, notes that the Canucks may have more interest in signing Peter Forsberg because that would only cost money, as opposed to losing prospects in a Sundin trade. Going in the other direction, if the Canucks fall out of the playoff race, the Canucks could deal Markus Naslund, whose contract expires at the end of the season.

Ah yes. Rumor city. I'd have to side with the Province though, because Nonis has already stated that he won't sacrifice the future of the team for a big name player.
However, if the rumors are true about Foppa that he wants at least a 2-year deal then maybe he's not worth it either, as he misses about 30 games per year on average.

If I was GM of the Canucks right now, here's what I'd do:

- sign Forsberg for the rest of the season for a playoff run. If he wants to sign for longer then I'd tell him to sit on a puck and rotate.

- if Forsberg is not an option, I'd go the same route as Nonis did last season, acquiring a rental that wouldn't cost us more than a 2nd round pick, and who is better than Bryan Smolinski.

- Keep Naslund for the rest of the season, since I don't see him wanting a trade. Then I'd let him go free in the summer for nothing and sign 2 forwards worth $3 million a piece. Spread the dough around on offence, rather than have it all tied up in one slumping Swede.

What would you do?

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