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Nonis is interested in Forsberg, but it's circumstancial

From Ben Kuczma at the Vancouver Province: Nonis mentioned when asked about whether he's scouting Forsberg:
"Yeah, we're one of them, but I haven't talked to a GM who isn't," said Nonis.
While Nonis wouldn't say whether he's made an offer to agent Don Baizley, he did say that Forsberg's ankle remains a concern -- even though reports have Forsberg announcing his destination this week after undergoing November surgery.
"Reports out of Sweden and a lot of areas are suspect," added Nonis. "Am I convinced? No. I don't think anyone is as far as I'm aware. And I don't think anybody has had him in for physicals.
That's the question that will have to be asked before anyone signs him."

Anyone who thinks Mats Sundin is coming to Vancouver as a rental player has to lay off their crack pipes. Sundin will cost Vancouver too many prospects and Nonis will not sacrifice that. Forsberg makes more sense because we can absorb the rest of his contract this season and still be under the cap (what are we at, $47.5 million right now?). If we don't land Forsberg, I suspect a gamble trade by Nonis at the deadline for a second-line player along the lines of Bryan Smolinski. A risk will cost the Canucks less in return.

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