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Canucks are almost a 2-trick pony

There are 2 glaring facts about what makes the Canucks successful.

1. Roberto Luongo plays like a god, like last night.
2. When the Sedins score, the Canucks win, like last night. When they don't, we lose.

Both facts are concerning. Luongo isn't always going to be sharp. He is going to have struggles like any normal human being. The same applies to the Sedins. Some nights they are going to be "off" and other nights the opposing teams' checking line is going to rough them up and render them ineffective.
The biggest glaring solution here to solve both problems is secondary scoring. 2 goals per night on average is not going to cut it on a regular basis.
Is it too much to ask for Taylor Pyatt, Matt Cooke, Ryan Kesler, Alex Burrows and co. to chip in a little more once in a while? It's not getting done enough. To give a bit of an idea of the lack of secondary scoring: Brendan Morrison has been out of action for about 23 games and he is still 6th in team scoring with 20 points in 30 games.
Granted, Pyatt and Kesler are having decent seasons, but it's just not enough in the offence category. We need more.
To me, this is why Peter Forsberg would be a great fit. He makes players around him produce more. A Sedin-Pyatt line followed by a Forsberg-Naslund-whoever line would be a great 1-2 punch. And it will be necessary to have this type of threat in order to have any success in the playoffs.

As a side note, I'm afraid Jeff Cowan will go "bra-less" this the goal-scoring category and the fighting category. It's time to flog Cowan.

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