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Brian Burke a future Leafs GM?

Those are the reports coming out today. If Burke wants the job in Toronto it's his at the end of the season.
Why is this rumor fun? Because I can't wait to hear Burke's angry reactions to it. Sure to be comical, as his face goes red with rage.
Why Burke may not go to Toronto: Where would you rather live, California or Toronto? Burke loves the west coast and has always said that. Probably part of the reason why he took the Anaheim GM job in the first place.
Burke's wife, Jennifer Mather-Burke, according to this site in January "is hosting a lifestyle show on CBC-TV called Living Vancouver." Is she going to give up that job? Mather has long been a figure on BC television.
Is there any doubt that the Ducks will offer Burke a decent extension? The guy is a genius.
Why Burke would take the job in Toronto: $$$$$$$$$$$$

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