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Bieksa sent down to Manitoba for conditioning stint

According to Sportsnet:
How long the conditioning stint lasts is up to the defenceman, the team told Bieksa if he feels good after his first game in Manitoba he can fly straight to Nashville for the game on Thursday night.
Kieksa has not played since early November, when his calf was cut by a skate in a freak accident. Bieksa's return will ease the pain of the loss of Krajicek for the season. Or will it? Bieksa was a -5 in 12 games played and only had 1 goal and 3 assists. He was struggling at the time. When on his game, Bieksa is a big, reliable offensive threat, especially on the powerplay. Hopefully he finds his game QUICK, as the Canucks seemed to have turned their fortunes around lately.

As for the injury to Krajicek, how many people out there think that Bourdon has earned the right to stay with the Canucks for the rest of the season in Lukas' absence? I do. Bourdon has impressed me out there.

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