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Western Conference Standings / Jaffray, Bourdon and Wilson called up

Like I said before, the tight race is both a blessing and a curse. It's fun to watch, but sweet mother of pearl it sucks to see your team go from Northwest Division lead to almost out of a playoff spot within a few weeks.
It's not panic time for the Canucks yet. But another 3 consecutive losses and we'll be looking at possibly 11th spot in the West. That's when the big red lights start flashing. That's when the most pessimistic Nucklehead screams "DOOOOOM!".
But I'm not worried. This team has to back to its roots and play tighter for a full 60 minutes. Last night Naslund could only chalk the loss up to a lack of focus and preparation." He's right.
Alain Vigneault is going to try shake things up again, as today he has called up Jason Jaffray, Luc Bourdon and Mike Wilson. Bourdon was recalled because apparently Sami "Glass" Salo tweaked his groin last night against Dallas. For fuck's sakes!! Injury bug is spreading.
Anyhow, check out the current standings and weep if you are a Canucks fan.

This was the standings as of November 22, 2007. Tight race back then too.

And just for comparison's sakes, below is last year's standings with only a few games left. Note the difference between the 8th and 9th place teams. What a difference from this year.

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