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Sundin to Vancouver?

The Satellite Hotstove panel was talking about the possibilities of Mats Sundin coming to Toronto by the trade deadline, with Al Strachan being the most vocal about it. Well I think Strachan is too far East to really understand what goes on here in the West. I do not think Sundin is heading to Vancouver for the following reasons:

1. Nonis is cheap. You can almost guarantee Nonis is going to go thrift shopping at the deadline and pick up another Smolinski type. Why would he radically change from last year and spend big bucks on a bigger-name player to help the Canucks' potential scoring woes in the playoffs? He hasn't done it before and I don't see him doing it now.
The one panelist suggested that Nonis would only trade for a player who he could sign in the summer. I don't know if that is true or not.

2. Hey, I love being the devils' advocate. My guess is that by the trade deadline the Leafs won't be too far from a playoff spot, and probably won't overhaul the team. So Sundin won't jet for greener pastures and bail. Just my guess.

The only way I can see Nonis doing anything drastic is:

1. Morrison is lost longer term and his salary gets dinged off the cap, opening $3.2 million bucks to spend. The Canucks are already comfortably under the cap. Maybe with the financial security, Nonis may be more brave.

2. The deadline deal would have to involve Nonis moving a guy like Morrison in a deal to make more room to sign Sundin at the deadline and in the summer. But you KNOW that JFJ and the Leafs are going to want a shitload for Mats in a swap. Don't see Nonis sacrificing Vancouver's future, unless he honestly feels this team can WIN NOW...which is possible. Even so, I think he'd go for a summer free agent signing, especially if Naslund and/or isn't re-signed by Vancouver, freeing up $9.5 million.

All I'm saying, is that this is trade season, and there's going to be a surplus of rumors (including Forsberg coming to Vancouver, which I can see as more likely because of the pricetag). I'm just not biting on anything that doesn't make sense. And to me, Sundin coming may look nice and give us a great chance, but we'd have to give up too much. Don't bank on it happening.

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