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Struggling Canucks face struggling Wings tonight

Yeah sure, the Brokeback thing has been played out, but I couldn't resist.
Both the Canucks and Wings are in mini-slumps at the moment. The Canucks have lost 2 of their last 3 games, while Detroit has uncharacteristically lost 3 in a row and uncharacteristically allowed 5 or more goals on 2 of those losses. The Thrashers whooped the Wings 5-1 on January 15th IN DETROIT. The Canucks pissed away their last game against Columbus by not showing up on time. So both teams look to rebound tonight, making this one a must-see.
I'd say the Canucks had better stay disciplined tonight, because usually the Wings are deadly on the PP. However, lately the Wings have been futile, going 3-for-30 in their last 30 chances with the man advantage. They are till ranked 3rd in the League on the PP despite the slide. They are 7th overall on the PK. The Canucks rank 14th on the PP and 15th on the PK. I think that we are still better off to match these bastards 5-on-5 and not give their PP a chance to light it up.
I'm not sur how much you are scoreboard-standing watching, but a win tonight will vault the Canucks back into 1st in the Northwest Division. A tie will not, as Minnesota has a game in hand and has scored more goals.

-It appears Hasek will start tonight.
-Dallas Drake may not play. Fine by me. He's a pain in the ass.

-Ohlund (concussion)has begun skating and may be ready by Saturday against the Kings.
-Mason Raymond was called up yesterday and Rypien and Brown were sent down to the minors. No doubt Vigneault is looking for speed against the speedy Wings.

This is a tough one to guess the outcome. The Wings have won both games against the Nucks earlier in the year, both at GM Place. Each game was a 3-2 score. But for some reason, as Jes Golbez pointed out yesterday, the Canucks pull out tremendous efforts against good teams, and lackluster efforts against teams that are below them in the standings. Perhaps it's because they take the shittier teams lightly. But don't expect that tonight. I think we'll put out a great effort and win this one 4-3 in OT. Anyone else feeling this optimistic?

Not to leave this out....Markus Naslund will be playing in his 1000th NHL game tonight. A great accomplishment by him, as well as all the stats he leads the Canucks All-time in, as seen here at But to be very honest with you, these stats mean shit to me unless Nazzy can lead this team deep into the playoffs. At least he'll extra jump in his game tonight, and could be a difference maker. Let's hope. I don't mind seeing this Wings collapse continue.
DIE WINGS DIE!!!! Fuck I hate the Wings.

Game Time: 4:30 PST
TV: Sportsnet Pacific

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