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Jaffray and McIver sent back down to Manitoba

Guess that means that Trevor Linden will play the next game for Vancouver on the 29th against Dallas. Poor Jaffray. I was and am really pulling for this guy to make an impact with the big team. He showed so much flash early in the game against the Blues last night. But taking 2 unnnecessary penalties with one of them causing a Brad Boyes goal to put his team down 2-1 didn't sit well with Vigneault, who sat Jaffray on the bench for most if the remainder 2 periods and OT.
One big difference I can see between Jaffray and Raymond is that Raymond is not afraid to play physical, and his speed is amazing. Jaffray brings speed and sleekness, but no physicality.
I have an open question: is Brad Moran signed at all? He probably has the same issue as Jaffray does.

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