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Canucks' remainder of the season, by the numbers

Now is where the lousiness of the current NHL schedule (as far as teams playing eachother so many times) in my opinion becomes a positive. Given the rat race that is happening in both Conferences, many of these games now have super playoff implications.

Number of games left for the Canucks: 32

Games played against Eastern Conference teams: 3.(Lightning, Panthers and Thrashers)

Games played against Central Division teams: 7 (Hawks: 2, Red Wings: 1, Blues: 1, Predators: 2, Blue Jackets: 1)

Games played against Pacific Division teams: 7 (Stars: 3, Coyotes: 2, Kings: 1, Ducks: 1)

Games played against Northwest Division rivals: 15 (Avalanche: 5, Oilers: 3, Flames: 3, Wild: 4)

The final 9 games are all played against division rivals. Can you imagine the implications of those games? It's going to come down to the wire, or even the last day. Crazy.
What we don't have going for us is GOALS FOR in tie-breaker mode. At this point we are the least-scoring team in the Northwest. However, we have allowed the fewest goals against. Hey, maybe THAT should be the tie breaker instead. Screw this goals-for shit. A real team allows less goals against.

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