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When NHL superstars fight

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Sidney Crosby fights Andrew Ference. I will say this, and I hate to, my respect level for Crossby just went up a little.

Wayne Gretzky fights Neal Broten

Mario Lemieux fights Gary Lupul, Bob Carpenter, Bobby Gould, and Todd Krygier

And for some added violence to the collection to take you down memory lane:

Ulf Samuelsson knocks out Janet Gretzky.
McCreary knocks Wayne Gretzky on his ass, and apparently never plays another game in the NHL.
Dave Taylor cold cocks Gretzky and knocks him out, nearly.
Tie Domi sucker punches Ulfie Samuelsson. Listen to Harry Neale afterwards. Never get away with saying that nowadays, and that is a shame. This is still one of my fave NHL moments ever. Gad I hated Ulf.

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