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A little video to cheer you up, Nucks fans

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I don't even want to say much about the loss to the Penguins except:
1. Mitchell, if you are going to whack Crosby on those fat lips of his, whack him hard and make the bastard really bleed!
2. It was an entertaining game no doubt.
3. Sabourin was great. Damn!
4. Can we please get better at shootouts? Someone roll tapes of Linden in the shootouts and everyone else follow along. Do what Lindy does.
5. Are the Sedins really going to be all that effective in the playoffs? They seemed to shy away after they got roughed up. Intimidated.

Oh well. Ironically, I simmed an NHL 08 season on the Playstation 3 on Saturday and guess who the Canucks played in the finals? The Pittsburgh Penguins. So I simmed past game 3 and the Canucks went up 3 games to nothing, and I played Game 4.
Below is the footage I captured just to let you all into my fantasy world of the Canucks winning the Cup. Believe, folks. Anything is possible.

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