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Canucks-Devils post game thoughts

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Make Brodeur look stupidly human: check
Luongo look like God: check
Convert on the power play: not (0-for-5)
Get the Sedins going: check (5 points total) They weren't held in check very well
Your captain persists through the flu and plays like a monster: check
All players on your team put out a 100% effort for 60 minutes: check
Jason Jaffray breaks out and puts up super offensive numbers: not (13:39 icetime 0 points, 1 shot on goal). Mason Raymond played only 9:43 and had 3 shots on goal.

Bottom line: An ass kicking that was a treat to watch.
The race is ongoing for top spot in the Northwest. The Wild also won last night, so they are leading the NW Pack by 1 win, with 1 less game played. damn.


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