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Canucks-Coilers Preview

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"We weren’t sharp at all. We didn’t play like we had anything in it. All along, we’ve said we weren’t going to use any excuses, about injuries or scheduling." - Canucks’ captain Markus Naslund refusing to use the recent adversity to justify the effort in Thursday night’s loss to San Jose. (Associated Press)
See? Markus is right about the loss to San Jose and how the Vancouver media is blaming it on scheduling. So sure am I that Markus is right, that I assure you that we will see a different Canucks team on the ice tonight. And I think we'll see that happen right off the bat.
The season series has each team winning 2 game. The Oilers have won the last 2: 5-4 and 1-0.
The Oilers have won their last 2 games, over Detroit and St. Louis, but have lost 3 of their last 5.
The Canucks impressively defeated the Ducks this week only to lose a stinker to San Jose last game. They have lost 3 of their last 5 as well.

So what can we expect tonight? Well, I don't think Vancouver should let Edmonton get their skating game going too much. The Oilers are doing surprisingly well this season, and can burn you on the rush. We are better off tho keep them to the outside or clog up the middle, or whatever.
I say we win this one 4-3 in OT. Andy Grabia at Battle of Alberta says 5-1 Coilers. He has a crack habit though.
Let's see if, once a-fucking-gain, the Sedins and Naslund can dominate and break out of their current slump.
I am expecting great things from Raymond and Jaffray as well. Jaffray may have a lot of family and friends here tonight, as his hometown of Olds is a 2-hour drive south of Edmonton, as the Vancouver Province reports.
Luongo playing is a possibility, but don't count on it. He did not skate today.

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