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The taser deaths issue

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Let's take a break from hockey for a minute. The whole issue of whether or not police officers should use taser guns because of recent deaths shortly following taser usage is front in center in Canada right now. I think this issue is worth a looking into. Call me a cynic, but I'm not biting on the whole sensationalized media angle on it. Sure, it looks cruel and no one wants to see people writhing in pain or possibly dying afterwards.
Check out this clip of a guy getting tasered in Utah:

Dude Tazed For Not Signing Ticket -

Now how does it make you feel after watching that? Angered?
I am going to be honest with you. In some ways I'm not a big lobbyist for human rights. I am a person who believes in the death penalty for example. When it comes to tasers being used on uncooperative and/or violent criminals or law breakers I am all for it, for the most part. Police need to have the option of immobilizing pain in the ass offenders. Taser guns not only protect the police, but make their job easier.
If you are going to be a jackass and get arrested for something you've done and refuse arrest you should get the zap. You deserve it. All you need to do is cooperate and the courts will take care of the rest if you think you're innocent. If you're guilty, then do your time or pay your fine.
I think it's fair that some of these over-sensitive taser-haters should put themselves in the shoes of a police officer rather than hop on the soapbox so quickly. Would you want to have to wrestle down an uncooperative, drunken, violent criminal for half an hour to get the cuffs on him/her? What if he is stronger than you? A good example of that is seen in this clip.
Tasers are better options than guns. At least now you have the option of not necessarily killing the dude or taking out his kneecaps with a gun.
The deaths in BC and Nova Scotia are being blamed on the tasering, but that has not been confirmed yet. I'm sure a few serious electrical shocks are not good for your ticker. So maybe another avenue may be required here, but something along the same lines and with the same immobilizing effect as the taser gun. A drugged dart perhaps? Certain people would probably die from that too somehow. There must be some other idea.
Until then, cops need to be respected and not confronted. They need to be able to safely and efficiently do their job. So when some idiot wants to cause problems during an arrest he is getting the electric shock he deserves. And if he happens to die from it afterwards....well, at this point I don't feel much remorse. One less idiot in the world I guess. Smart people cooperate when placed under arrest, because you just know that any verbal or physical retaliation against law enforcers isn't going to get you any further ahead. And it never will.
Now I've pissed you off right? Well maybe this will cheer you up.

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