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Steve Moore is giggling like a schoolgirl

Pinky & Brain

This has no where to go but down.

Nothing wrong whatsoever can come from the wounded pride of a complete blowout, multiple elbows to multiple faces, a wicked two handed chop to the back of an unsuspecting knee and a crazy ass enforcer calling out our two best players and Naslund as potential targets on Wednesday. Mr. Campbell, I'd hang around the fax machine on Thanksgiving.

Some parting shots:

1. What do we call it when one genetic freak (6'7'' Boogaard) calls out two other genetic freaks? I remember a time when all freaks got along. I miss those days, we've fallen so far as a people.
2. Can we trade for Boogaard to put together an all freak line? We'll need two more D and a goalie obviously, feel free to offer suggestions. I know one of my picks will need to learn to play defense cause that face doesn't deserve to be hidden behind a mask.
3. I can't speak for Boogaard, but I'll go ahead and assume he meant Henrik is Brain and Daniel is Pinky.
4. Derek, you're certainly no Rory, though if we can Clockwork Orange him a bit - maybe show him some pictures of fellow players punching his puppy and pulling his sister's pigtails - then I think the normally painfully boring All Star game would FINALLY be worth two hours or so of my life. Bonus points if he starts frothing at the mouth.