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Peddie calls hiring GM JFJ a "mistake"

"To be honest, it was a mistake on my part for not fully understanding at the time what the job of being (the Leafs GM) in this market fully entailed," Leafs' President Richard Peddie told the Sun. "Let's face it. It probably was the wrong place for a rookie general manager to start. I mean, all GMs make mistakes, but they are not under the constant microscope and scrutiny that you have in Toronto, which is, in our opinion, the top hockey market there is.
That is all hindsight now. John has had time to learn a lot since then."
So don't read too much into this, like the mainstream media is. Ferguson is safe for now in my opinion, and coach Paul Maurice's head is on the line.
Unfortunate. Maurice means well, and will probably take the fall because firing a coach should get immediate results. Well....I doubt that's the case with this bunch of Leafs players.

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