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Lindros to retire on Thursday

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And in the "don't let the door hit your ass on the way out" category, TSN is reporting that Lindros' soft head has officially prevented him from continuing his career in the NHL. I have never liked Lindros. I found him to be a momma's boy, a daddy's boy, a hated Flyer, a hated Star, and generally a waste of contract space after 1999. Sure, call me cruel, but I like this guy about as much as I'd like colon cancer.
So without further to do...I give you my top 3 Eric Lindros moments...

Kasper nails Lindros, using Lindy's buddy Leclair as a screen. Beauty.

Let's face it, in his prime he was dominant. This is a clip from one of Don Cherry's Rock'Em Sock 'Em tapes.

Pretty much the hit the put Lindros' career in jeopardy in the first place. Scott Stevens makes him pay for cutting in the middle. You know there was no love between these 2 in the first place. The best part about this is that it was in the playoffs and Lindros had just returned to the Flyer's lineup after injury, hoping to spark the Flyers team. Uh-uh. Lindros gets dekked and the Flyers lose the series. Of course allegations against Bobby Clarke ensued that Lindros was not really ready to play yet.

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