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I can recap last night's game by telling a quick story. In the 3rd period, while it was 3-0, our group started wondering if Luongo was going to get the shutout. Myself and one of my friends were confident he would. Our other friend said "no way" and bet us 5 bucks each that the Flames would score. We gladly took that bet. Bingo! The Flames scored not even a minute later.
So weak is our friend's confidence in the Canucks lately, that he bets us 5 bucks at 5 to 1 odds that the Flames would tie the game. Only I had the gall to take that bet. Bango! The Flames score again not even a minute later. By this time we are laughing our asses off because of the flukiness of the whole thing. I spent the last 8 minutes of the game sweating it out, cursing every time the Flames almost scored.
Bongo! The 3rd period ended and I came out even. 3-2 Canucks. Great game indeed!

Tonight, the Nucks come home to face the Avs. Not so good. I believe they are 1-6 at home, and the Avs will want revenge for the loss to Vancouver last weekend. Bad combo. I say the Avalanche get their revenge tonight, 4-2.

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