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The immediate future bright for the Leafs...or is it?

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The Leafs have their work cut out for them on Tuesday night as they take on the smokin' Sens. Two 'new' faces could find their way back into Toronto's lineup for this one. Mark Bell, who has served his sentence for drinking and driving, and Kyle Wellwood, who seems to have almost completely recovered from sports hernia surgery. Wellwood is a game time decision.
Maurice says he will break the 2 in slowly, playing them on a line with John Pohl. But what I can't wait to see is when Wellwood gets a chance to play on the 2nd line eventually. I get a funny feeling that him and Jason Blake are going to click when/if they get a chance to play together. 2 speedy players with Wellwood being the ultra-creative setup man and Blake the sniper. Can you tell I'm a Wellwood fan???
The only problem is.... the Leafs played superb against the Habs on Saturday and looked like they started getting their act together. How are added players going to affect the teams' chemistry now? Word is that Darcy Tucker and Bryan McCabe could be back by the weekend as well. Oh great. I wasn't missing McCabe one bit.
Yeah, too much time in between Canucks games. Now I'm starting to talk about the Leafs again....

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